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Fast, reliable internet access ....
Our high-speed data connections will put an end to problems with downtime and system outages for your business. A true business grade internet service, we guarantee our internet speeds and reliability.

We connect your business directly to our Tier1 , purpose built, SLA backed national network.


Office-to-office networking ....
We offer flat rate business grade Virtual Private Network (VPN) standard with multiple site offices. All data traveling over the VPN is secure and does not traverse the internet. This is a quality service at flat rates.


One easy bill ....
As an environmentally conscious company, our purpose built billing and account management system has been designed to provide complete electronic billing conveniently emailed to you each month.

Easy to read and easy to understand billing is foremost in consideration of our clients.


Please click on the sample bills for a larger PDF view.


Relocating? Keep your numbers ....
Relocate your business within the same city*, and retain your existing phone numbers. We will relocate your existing phone numbers to your new site, even across exchange boundaries, where most providers will force a number change.

People store numbers in their mobiles, teledex and computers for years on end. Simply put, most people fail to update contact details most of the time resulting in loss of business. Alternatives such as diversions are messy, costly and not permanent.

We alleviate businesses from the number change hassles because we understand that the ultimate solution is to take your numbers with you.

Keep Your Numbers for no loss of numbers, no diversion costs, no downtime.

For more information on Keep Your Numbers click here.


* Not all services are available in all locations. Contact National Phone & Data for service prequalification. Terms and conditions apply and are available on our web site,

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