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Is your Business relocating? Are you frustrated
with the prospect of having to change your numbers?

No Business wants to change their phone numbers so ....
National Phone & Data introduce to you, for a limited time only, a unique, new initiative.

Our offer to you ... Relocate your business within the same city, and retain your existing phone numbers. We will relocate your existing phone numbers to your new site, even across exchange boundaries, where most carriers will force a number change.^

Why? ....
The cost for a business to change their numbers is significant. People store numbers in their mobiles, teledexes and computers for years on end. Simply put, most people fail to update contact details most of the time resulting in lost business. Alternatives such as diversions are messy and costly. So what do you do?

The answer is National Phone & Data's "KEEP YOUR NUMBERS".

We alleviate businesses from the number change hassles because we understand that the ultimate solution is to take your numbers with you. With our active service* there is no loss of numbers, no diversion costs, no downtime.


Keep Your Numbers at no Cost ....
Keeping your advertised numbers is free if you have 4 or more lines. It is part of National Phone & Data's service.


How we do it! ....
Currently, the major telecommunication providers in Australia force a number change upon a business, if relocating outside the suburb/district.

Our digital network is designed to eliminate this costly task, ensuring clients and suppliers can phone and fax the business using the existing numbers.


Our Coverage ....
Our network is backed by leading communications providers such as AAPT and Optus.

Our active services are conveniently located in most local business districts.

If you relocate to an area where we have coverage, we provide you with our "Active" service and you take your numbers with you.

If you relocate to an area outside our coverage, we are still able to provide you with our "Passive" service. This results in you being able to KEEP YOUR NUMBERS though limitations apply to the "Passive" service.

Please click here for coverage maps.


How to Proceed ....
Provide National Phone & Data with a breakdown of your current call patterns and service details or optionally you can provide us with a copy of your current phone bill, with your current numbers and services listed, and we will analyse your needs and present a proposal to you detailing the service and its benefits.

To register for the KEEP YOUR NUMBERS program click here.


Terms and Conditions ....
Please click here for the Terms and Conditions relating to KEEP YOUR NUMBERS.


^ Number relocation can only be achieved on an active service* of which 4 lines or more are required. A passive service* will be used in non-coverage areas or clients requiring 3 lines or less.
* Please refer to section "Our Coverage".

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